Third Album In-Progress!

For the past two years, I been having a lot of fun creating my third album.  I'm now in the final writing stages.  Exciting details to follow....     

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Slam Horse Gives a Girl a Mouthful! She Earned It! The Scandal: Are Guys Really Dumb?

“Are there any guys who aren’t DUMB?? Please spell correctly and use polysyllabic words.” --(Name redacted by Slam Horse to protect the author’s identity) The young woman who authored the above statement made a romantic overture to me. I declined her romantic offer upon becoming aware of her man-shaming statement, and instead sent her the [...]

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Cry for help vs. wish to die: Slam Horse’s Quick Suicide-Prevention Series, Part 3

In parts 1 & 2 we looked at signs of suicide & how to talk to a suicidal person. In addition to contacting a suicide hotline such as (in the Chicagoland area) 630-482-9393, calling 911, or going to the nearest emergency room, here are some additional ideas: Some people try to differentiate between a “cry [...]

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Part 2 of Slam Horse’s Suicide Prevention Series…

As we discussed in Part 1 of this series, suicide rates increase around the holidays & during the Spring. You might notice someone exhibiting signs that they are feeling suicidal: *giving away treasured possessions *isolating themselves *increased self-harm, substance use *changes in mood or behavior...etc. Would should you do if you suspect a friend is [...]

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Are People Committing Suicide Right Now?? Slam Horse’s Quick Suicide-Prevention Series, Part 1

Myth: everyone is happy at the holidays & during the Spring time. Fact: suicides increase during the holidays, & Spring. One reason: everyone around the suicidal person is feeling happy, & she realizes she still isn’t feeling happy.Now is the time to be on the lookout for potentially suicidal people in your life: spouses, children, [...]

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Terrorism in Boston

Slam Horse is deeply touched by the recent alleged terrorism situation in Boston, and sends condolences to the people and the families of those people who have been killed.

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What Easter is All About

Happy Easter, Slammers! It’s time to remember what this day is all about. I invite you to shift your consciousness...you might call it Christ/Buddhic/Krishna Consciousness...the name changes by culture, the concept stays the same.

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Sex in the Spring

Did you know Spring is the best season for sex? Today is the Spring Equinox--the first day of Spring--& it’s time to get sprung!

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