Slam Horse is deeply touched by the recent alleged terrorism situation in Boston, and sends condolences to the people and the families of those people who have been killed.  I hold these people as well as the many who have been injured in my thoughts and prayers.

Slam Horse is trained in crisis intervention for terrorism and natural disasters. For those directly involved, the healing process may take some time, and will likely involve distinct stages. Common responses include fear, anger, thoughts of retaliation, confusion, sadness, numbness, disconnection, hyper-vigilance, and post-traumatic stress disorder. This event can also re-awaken previous traumas. It is important that you process this event in whatever way you need to, and in your own time frame. For those directly impacted, take advantage of locally-provided emergency assistance, including that provided by mental health professionals who volunteer their time. For mental health professional volunteers, focus on immediate problem solving, compassionate listening, reassurance, and connecting victims with other necessary crisis responders. For workers and volunteers, manage your own health, and seek assistance if needed to avoid the development of secondary PTSD.

For those indirectly involved (i.e. citizens of the US not living near the events who don’t know anyone involved), how we respond is important.  Ultimately, from a spiritual perspective, we must choose to respond with forgiveness and unconditional love. For different people this may happen at different points in time.

Keep in mind what we judge sticks to us. And what we hate, we recreate…until we love it (R. Neville Johnston). Hate and fear only produce more terrorism. Ultimately, the only useful response is to send positive energy into the universe…forgiveness, unconditional love, and gentleness. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Through the law of attraction, we will receive from the universe that which we send out into the universe. Terrorists want us to experience fear. Let go of fear.

If you are Christian, you may use this prayer, “God, please forgive those who acted in violence against the United States. Please cleanse me of fear, anger, sadness, judgment, confusion, and thoughts of retaliation. Thank you. Amen.”

If you are open to Hinduism, you may use this mantra to release fear back to the Godhead and cleanse yourself of it: “Shante preshante, sarva baya, upasha mane svaha.”

If you are Mahayana Buddhist, you may recite the mantra: “Om mane padme hum.” This invokes the wisdom and power of the Buddha of Compassion, Quan Yin (aka Guan Yin, Kuan Yin, Chenrezig, Avalokiteshvara). Tibetan [Vajrayana] Buddhists may substitute “Hung” for “Hum.”

If you are a spiritual person but not religious, recite this intention to reframe the experience in a more useful way: “Thank you, terrorists, for offering me the opportunity to learn these spiritual lessons. I intend to learn whatever spiritual lessons my Higher Self gives me permission to learn from you in the gentlest way possible, effortlessly by grace, at the time that serves the Highest Good for me to learn them. I forgive you for anything you have done to harm me, the people of Boston, and the citizens of the United States. I release all judgment of you. So be it.

If you are atheist, focus on positive thinking, and use mental intention to construct a reality that is most conducive to peace via this intention: “I intend that the citizens of the world seek peaceful resolutions to all matters whenever possible, and treat one another with gentleness, openness, kindness, and respect. So be it.” [Our thoughts create our reality. Choose your thoughts wisely.]

There are many other world religions, but I am less familiar with them. Please seek appropriate guidance from knowledgeable experts in your religion when you feel it is right to do so.

Blessings to the victims, and thank you to the President, Vice President, White House, ATF, FBI, National Guard, Massachusetts State Police, local police forces, emergency workers, volunteers, and others who have responded to this crisis.

I ask for a most benevolent outcome to this situation for all involved, in the gentlest way possible, effortlessly by grace, for the Highest Good. I ask God to assign healing angels and protective angels to all who are directly involved or who will otherwise benefit from such assistance. In full faith, thank you, and so it is.